Pokemon X & Y CoroCoro Scan October 2013 and thoughts |updated|

Everyone was right Mewtwo has got a second mega form! Mewtwo’s new mega form is called Mega Mewtwo X and is exclusive to Pokemon X. It is Psychic/Fighting, has Steadfast as its Ability, and its Mega Stone is called “Mewtwonite X.” The original Mega Mewtwo is obviously called Mega Mewtwo Y, is exclusive to Pokemon Y, is Psychic-type, can learn Hypnosis, and its MegaStone is called “Mewtwonite Y.”

Mega Mewtwo X

It looks a lot better than the first form we’re grateful our childhood is slightly still living!

Mega Garchomp

Mega Garchomp has Sand Force as its Ability

I’m not of fan of Garchomp’s mega evolution I liked the original form better.

  • Fairy-type is super effective against Fighting, Dark, and Dragon, weak to Steel and Poison, resists Fighting, Dark, and Bug, is not very effective against Steel, Fire, and Poison, and is immune to Dragon.

The leaker was right about Fairy type effectiveness that is going to kill everybody who owns a Fairy type from weakness

Pokemon Types

  • Steel‘s Dark and Ghost-type resistances are gone now.

Pokemon is changing a lot! This will change Pokemon forever I think fans will be quitting Pokemon If Pokemon makes unappealing changes for older Pokemon fans and this could affect to the regular Pokemon anime in Pokemon XY.

The middle starter evolutions have been finally revealed!

Hariboogu (ハリボーグ), Chespin’s evolution. It is pure Grass-type and learns Mud Shot.

Middle Starter Evolutions

Fennekin’s evolution, Teerunaa (テールナー) which is pure Fire-type. It learns Psycho Cut, and has a twig in its broom-like tail.

Froakie’s evolution,Gekogashira (ゲコガシラ) which is pure Water type It learns Bounce

Chigorasu, Amarusu, Torimian and Nyonikusu

  • Two Fossil Pokemon are revealed: Chigorasu (the brown T. Rex) is a Rock/Dragon type has Hard Chin as its Ability, which increases the attack of moves involving the jaw, like Crunch. Amarusu (the blue Pokemon) is a Rock/Ice type and has Freeze Skin as its Ability, which changes all its Normal-type attacks to Ice-type attacks and boosts their power as well.

I heard a rumor about Pokemon’s next movie of 2013 going to be a real life T-Rex it is going to eat Ash’s friends and Team Rocket If that was official it would mark the end of the Pokemon Anime and older Pokemon anime fans would be disappointed and upset and okay moving on.

  • Torimian, a white Normal-type Pokemon (the one from the Pokemon Direct), has Fur Coat as its Ability, which cuts the damage from moves that come into contact with it in half. A new game mechanic allows you to trim its fur to change its appearance. Round Eyes is a new Fairy-type attack it can learn.

Torimian looks like Absol almost If I am wrong when we get the full resolution it would not look like Absol at all and trimming Torimian’s fur sounds like it could be a cool pokemon I think I would have this pokemon for the elite four. Its sad I haven’t got to watch Pokemon Direct from a few days ago because I didn’t know there was going to be another Pokemon Direct so soon and guess what, I missed all Live Pokemon Directs on the Internet do you know what’s that mean why I said sad? Because I lost all the chances of Pokemon Directs when it is close to the release date.

  • Nyaonikusu (Meowstick from the leaks), a Psychic-type cat, has major gender differences. Each gender has a different set of movepools, with the male’s movepool being more aggressive and the female’s being more supportive. The male can learn Miracle Eye whereas the female can learn Extrasensory (the female is on the left, the male is on the right). Nyaonikusu has Keen Eye or Infiltrator as its Abilities.

I thought I saw a ghost Eeevelution but unfortunately it was a psychic cat pokemon Its the first psychic type cat pokemon in the Pokemon series I’m not saying I want to catch Nyaonikusu I’m only just saying the fact.

Amarusu looks less like a Pokemon Amarusu’s design looks like it came from some familar series I don’t see Amarusu’s design looking like a Digimon.

For some reason Parting ShotGeomancy, and Oblivion Wing are listed as unknown types (???) even though Geomancy was originally announced as a Fairy-type move and Oblivion Wing was announced as a Dark-type move. The moves could be a dual type move would be a first time ever happen to Pokemon series that would be crazy.

Five Scientists

  • There are five scientists associated with Team Flare: Kuseroshiki, Momiji, Bara, Akebi, and Kolea. Team Flare’s goal is to create a beautiful new world.

There might be chance for fans quitting their childhood in the later future being fully complete which includes me.

  • You can customize your clothes and hair at a Salon/Boutique. A famous actress named Karune helps you

I think they’re including hairdos and changing hair color could be not allowed at least we got more customization after the beginning of the game.

Yup,  Serena is starting to look to be Ash’s female companion along with Serena’s Dedenne having a tag battle against the two people we don’t know who is having tag battle against Ash and Serena. A mega Blaziken appearing in the anime so early Pokemon XY!? I was thinking a Pokemon Tournament showing Mega Blaziken vs Mega Ampharos on TV in the first episode or a bit later in Pokemon XY.

  • Clemont and the female playable character are seen in the XY anime promotional poster with Ash. Will they be his new traveling companions?

I hope Clemont won’t be the Brock replacement because there is no need to have another gym leader as a Male Companion we need a companion who is not a gym leader and nothing like the previous male companions its fine for the Brock a replacement to be a cooker but not like this we could be getting.


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